This project aims to develop a reference platform for transitory and emergency shelters in planned camps and it is another project of the VirtuHab Research Group, with international partnerships.

The planned camps are being cataloged into two groups depending on their occurrence: national and international.

Subsequently, for each occurrence, the encampment is registered according to its infrastructure and the goods necessary for the functioning of the encampment.


Lisiane Ilha Librelotto – Coordination

Paulo Cesar Machado Ferroli – Coordination

Thais Nólio Santa Cruz – PIBIC scholarship holder – AUG/2020 to AUG/2021

Nadieli de Araújo – PIBIC scholarship – AUG/2020 to AUG/2021

Ana Beatriz Caetano Prado – PIBIC scholarship – OCT/2021 to OCT/2022

Mariana Rodrigues Marcelino – PIBIC scholarship – SEP/2021 to AUG/2022

Sabrina Cardoso Nascimento – PIBIC scholarship – SEP/2021 to AUG/2022

Cláudia Vasconcelos – Prof. UNIFESSPA – Post-ARQ Postdoc Researcher – FEB 2021 to FEB/2022

Luana Carbonari – Researcher. Dr. UFSC/PósARQ in 2021.

International partners: IPleiria (Portugal) and UNIFI (Italy) – INNOGREEN SHELTER Project